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Oh, what a joy to meet again after such a crazy summer of ‘22, constantly punctuated by various anxiety-provoking news – the frontlines of the Donbas, the forests of the south of France reduced to ashes, while other regions are flooded, the price of the gas and those of everyday life products… but what world do we live in? Fortunately the passion remains intact and gives us the impetus to deliver you an explosive issue, that is after all Stuart’s duty.
A new Invader cover, yes but for those who have not yet had the opportunity to go to Belgium to discover his new museum exhibition at the MIMA of Brussels, “Must See it”.
In these days of tragic urban rodeos, quite legitimately repressed, it is on the famous and soon centenary Circuit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, that a plethora of artists and muralists have taken over. Live report not from the stands but around the wonderful frescoes orchestrated in tribute to this planetary event. No, our dear artists have not been idle this summer, even during long hours of heat wave. This is also evidenced in the very heart of the capital on the banks of the Seine river, where the walls have been endowed with majestic graffiti over 400 m in the Louvre tunnel. A delight for the many pedestrians who came to cool off in the shade of this passage.
And it is in the company of the Young Polish artist Kate Paul that we will leave France, sharing with us her universe à la “Pixaçaos”, surprisingly very orderly.
The gateway is thus all found to take you far very far, as in each Stuart issue… It is thus in Latin America that this 34th edition takes you, to meet a trio of South American artists, ultra-involved in the defense of their traditions and the preservation of the ecosystem. A theme unfortunately more and more recurrent but yet so decisive for our common future. From Brazil to Argentina to Mexico, each in their own style take us to the heart of their existential and environmental concerns.
All we have left to do now is wish you an excellent return from the summer holidays… embellished with wonderful cultural events. And as always, please take care of yourself!