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New year, time for good resolutions. For its part, Stuart Magazine, surfing on its success, decided to make you travel. First of all, on the other side of the Atlantic, where the great mass of Miami’s contemporary art took place, we dive again into the atypical Wynwood district and its dizzying murals. Destination West Coast, to get to Los Angeles and retrace the path of the controversial and legendary RETNA, to whom we dedicate the cover of this issue. To the south, on the Mexican border, in Tijuana with Enrique CHIU, engaged artist who persists in painting “the wall”.

To another continent, going through the Moroccan desert to follow HOPARE and his team on their way to the Fima. Then, a slight detour by Abu Dhabi for a show mixing street, sounds and splendid lights, inside the extraordinary Musée du Louvre.

Back in France, to meet the talented Tiago FRANCEZ whose work oscillates between pointillism and engraving, on serious themes. And as a preview of their upcoming Parisian exhibitions, Stuart takes you into the world of KATRE, featuring his black-and-white pictures of wastelands, part of an explosive light installations, and then to the German duo HERAKUT who mixes poetry and hardness in their characters.

A quick stop between two landscapes to question the involvement of pop art in urban art, and the relevance of social networks in the diffusion of art.

Enjoy your reading and have a wonderful new year, as your loyalty and your many testimonials galvanizes us to offer in every issue you the best of urban contemporary art … and not only!