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On the cover of this new issue is the face of the Dalai Lama, bright and coloured, realised by Hopare who recently went to meet him. This face is a symbol of wisdom and resistance. While we are celebrating the 50 years anniversary of the students and workers’ revolt in Paris, this face reminds us of all the struggles that are happening in the world. Telling the story of Hopare’s trip to India is siding with a universal urban art, committed, responsible and open to all. Another content of this issue is a visit to Maye’s studio who unveils his last works, soon exhibited in Paris. From Occitania, where he was born, this young prodigy turns back time and takes us to meet an imaginary community, where people have respect for each other and for the environment. In Portugal, Vhils turns back time too. With a pioneering technique in the street art world, he explores the depth of the city he visits by digging the walls, revealing faces born from destruction. Finally, stopping in his Parisian studio, Onsept talks about travels, meetings and faraway territories. So far away but also so close when he is exploring his own inside. More than ever, in these troubled times made of torments and uncertainty, these artists help us fight, allow us to travel, invite us to escape, to dream.