At a time when social movements seem to have slowed down, or at least have severely shaken the economic structure of our beloved country, for others, on the contrary, the trend is proving to be reversed with a spectacular rise in the value of their work!

The artist on the cover of this new edition is a good example of it. We have retraced his debut through the singular story of the first persons to have believed in hisart and to have really looked into its concept. Invader, back in the days, focuses on the genesis of a worldwide


Art and Kicks! A frenzy also in the world of sneakers, where all over the globe collaborations are orchestrated between great artists and renowned brands, giving birth to collections of inestimable value. Visits to shops in Los Angeles as well as in the French capital to meet with

specialists and understand this culture. For this occasion, Hom Nguyen took the opportunity to make you win your pair of Nike Air Force One / mega collector, tagged by him; see page 38.

Under the Californian sky, we took the opportunity to meet with one of the members of the famous crew MSK (Mad Society Kings), where ZES, or “ZESER”, reveals his universe made of enigmatic abstractions.

Beautiful meeting also with Faith 47, in full preparation of her next solo show in South Africa, where she reveals to us her deep motivations.

A new crush on the young and promising Fernand Kayser and his work with his pop-dominant style, very much influenced by outsider art. And it is on a note of good humour that we will close this new issue with the facetious Toctoc and his hilarious square-jawed character.