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This summer will be hot, oh yes it will be hot! Also for once, this new issue is resolutely European with almost all of our reports located in France with the exception of two small trips to Portugal and Italy …

It is thus on a high note that we start the 2022 summer festivities in Monté Carlo, with the exceptional presence of the Legendary Futura, at the Upaint 2022 festival, among the many talented artists who have showed up to support the fight for the preservation of the environment. The perfect opportunity for your magazine to reconnect with him and ask him some questions.

We will then take the corniche on the Riviera for a short stop in Cassis where many works of Humanfuel have dotted the city center. Then a jump to Marseille will bring us to the MUCEM where the Portuguese street artist Vhils has just installed his new exhibition as part of his creation IMINENTE, in the atypical place of the Phocaean city.
From one Portuguese to another, we‘ll then take the direction of Lisbon and thus find Alexandre, aka HOPARE, to discover his latest institutional exhibition at the Patio da Galé… What an ascent since the very first Issue Stuart published in 2016!

And when you love, you do not count, so we’ll swing by Italy to meet Giulio VESPRINI whose sense of colorimetry will not leave you insensitive…

Then in search of a slightly cooler temperature, we go back north in Normandy to celebrate in Le Havre first, as it should be, the 30 years of graffiti of the facetious and adorable JACE, during his anniversary exhibition. Then we’ll head to Rouen, at Hangar 107 with the solo show of SAINER and his country melody of pastels.

We close this issue with a return to the capital with BRIKX, our discovery through which each of us will find the images of the hours of our childhood, devoted to stacking colorful briquettes, with the name so famous in 4 letters but whose trademark is registered.

Also excellent holidays to all. Take care of yourself and above all come back to us in great shape…