It’s been one year that Stuart Magazine offers in each issue a passionate immersion into the street art universe. One year of encounters, explorations, discoveries and as many mutual favourites. Six issues later, you are still more and more to join us, to encourage us to follow what started off as an adventure and quickly became an essential appointment. So for this first anniversary, we invite you once more to see the world and to discover artists with a love for exchange and liberty. Diverse, multidisciplinary and constantly renewed, urban art is above all – and this is what distinguishes it from any other artistic movement – focused on its public. Just like the globetrotter Julian « Seth » Malland who, following in the footsteps of traditional muralism, speaks in poetry and compassion to diverse populations across the world. As well as Fintan Magee from Australia, Hendrik Czakainski from Germany, Stephen Powers from the United States, Tilt from Toulouse or the French-Austrian couple Jana & JS, who have all confided in us to convey to you what is most dear to them: their passion.