Get a preview at the backstage preparations for the next Parisian solo show of the talented Hom Nguyen, ‘dripper’ and portraitist, whose exacerbated sensitivity and multiple facets we had unveiled in 2018.

Enter the characteristic universe of Dave Pollot, who diverts the icons of consumerism with an assertive pop art poetry, evoking the great classics of

modern painting.

Then time for a little freshness with the ultra realism of the anamorphic Leon Keer and his dazzling trompe l’œil that would make us all fall back into childhood.

Realism is just as assertive for David Rice and his fight against global warming. His art is dedicated to the natural beauty offered by our generous planet and that men unfortunately strive to ransack, without worrying about the next day – an ode to life sadly increasingly damaged by men.

These natural landscapes are the central playground for his art.

This praise to nature legitimately brings us to Canada to meet the geometric Mediah whose mastery of the impression of speed emerging from his work is identifiable with a certain quantum mechanics.

We also celebrate our reunion with Julien Raynaud, revealed in our 5th issue, in which we also discussed geometry, cubism and love. This time we chat about his career and his acquired maturity, revealed in complete confidentiality.

And we will close this edition with the originality of the support on which Antoine expresses his undeniable abilities thanks to the clever use of sanders and blowtorch on burnt wood. An extraordinary rendering that will seduce even the amateurs of

more classic work.

Finally, wishing you an excellent and enjoyable reading, we can only urge you to take good care of yourself again.