Almost everything is allowed in the press, so Stuart is proposing to extend the summer a little longer. The sun, the beach and far off destinations make for a relaxed atmosphere or for a big fiesta… Yet, artists have not been resting. We went to meet them to bring you back some postcards from all over the world. Let’s go!

From the United States to Japan, we will focus on Kaws’ exceptional career, or how the star artist transformed a toy into worldwide collector objects and a series of monumental sculptures. In Asia to discover the first edition of the “Olala” festival, in eastern China. Not far from there, the French artist YZ found her first model of the “empress” series, at the origin of an exhibition she presents in Orleans. She will also invite us cross the Channel Tunnel to see her latest project. Leading us all the way to London, we will meet with Snik, a duo of extremely skillful stencil artists. Changing time zones, we’re off to California, hosted by Andrew Schoultz in his studio, while he is getting ready for his next solo show. Then, quick stop in Houston, Texas, with Mr.D 1987 and his brand new indoor murals for a surprising project. Let’s go to the Caribbean for a road trip in Guadeloupe, looking for the most beautiful murals on the island, guided by local artists. Back to France, Brusk will take us on a journey through the history of art through the works of his new exhibition. Stuart brings you a last dose of escape before wishing you the best for this new season!