As this new issue closes, our thoughts go straightto the ukrainian people, who, as in the darkest times of European history, suffered the unjustified invasion of their territory by a neighbor who has lost the elementary sense of reason.
This comes almost as an echo to the central theme of the new Shepard Fairey exhibition, whom we have met in Rome. His activism hits head-on our political leaders, while advocating democracy and ecology for the planet, where, let us remember, we are all tenants.
This unfortunate ambient pessimism will be counterbalanced by the smile so recognizable of the chinese artist YUE MINJUN. In his own way, is he not a critical observer of this world, where the outrageous fruit of irrationality never ceases its excessive ascent? It is clear that he brings us, with his unique vision, to question through the powerful prism of his characters’ faces, seemingly
We will gain height and space thanks to the talented Guido Van Helten whose heroic murals bring us back to our human status. His gigantism mixed with extreme perfectionism, makes us capsize in the heart of our own condition.
Moreover, what would men be without WOMEN, the characters at the center of the work of Spanish muralist Lula Goce, who, emancipating herself from suffocating shackles, depicts femininity in all its splendor.
We will also meet Hugo Kriegel whose original concept, deployed during his
various travels, raises our awareness of our existence and the volatility of this
implacable metronome that governs each of our movements. And once again
we will deal with time with the discovery of Seny, whose very young age does
not hinder his immense talent.
Finally, last but not least, we will end this issue
with the last visit of the wasteland “In Da Friche” where new experts came to
engrave their monikers.