Two covers to choose from for this issue #30 of STUART to kick off the new year, 2022- which no doubt will be a much better vintage than the previous one. A special Frenchy issue with the most famous dignitary of urban art, Invader and the still too discreet Gully, whose work we wanted to present to you for a very long time.


The portraits of the reverent Gully will delight the childlike soul that lies dormant in all of us. His work, with direct references to the most illustrious of the art world, is a wonderful universe –  leading us into a treasure hunt where we’ll have to dig into our subconscious and our personal archives, to decipher the multiple references punctuating the singular realm of his creations …  He will tell us earnestly about his career and the motivations that led him to become such a unique artist.

And because STUART can not be content with staying within the borders, we will also be braving Brexit and fly to London where we’ll take you onboard Yoon Hyup’s solo show, whose magic rocks us in a complete state of Zen. Then we’ll head to Los Angeles where the closing of Invader’s Californian exhibition at  O.t.i,  motivated us to dedicate a new issue on this success story which has now become global.

This issue will then end with the discovery of the works of Amaury Dubois whose range of colors has been able to revive a chapel in the north of France…


The entire team of your magazine wishes you a fabulous year 2022, miles away from all the hardships of 2021.


The show must go on !