For this september issue, Stuart chose to go back to basics. This is in New York, we suggest you to go. If street art is a wave that has spread throughout the world, the big apple retains its status as historical epicenter of this movement.. It is there that Crash, old timer and reference, use to live and create. On the occasion of his event in Paris, we met him in his studio. New York continues to make French graffeurs dreaming like our friend Wuze who spent the summer to paint with legends in the Bronx. Another homecoming with the file devoted to Banksy. Because apart from marketing, mystery and its dizzying height, the anonymous artist remains a formidable creator. Stuart reminds you in this issue. Back to the roots, finally for Paris which tries in a global art market to find the place that was it.. At the heart of this movement, artists, galleries and places that move the planet Street Art. Urban culture is perpetually oscillating between history and modernity. The proof with Hopare who signs his first stone lithograph «with the old» and with Seth who tells us his immersion in the thousand-year-old culture of Shanghai. Welcome board!


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