This new issue raises the European colours. The flag with the crown of stars seems to be the stage of the sharpest disagreements within the continent, countries and policies. As far as urban art is concerned, its creations are sometimes left aside in favour of the precursors of American graffiti – sometimes seen as more credible and with a safer purchase value. To show the subtlety of European productions, we went all over the continent where street art takes institutions by storm. In Paris JonOne opens his studio to us and Magda Danysz, the gallery she has been running for 25 years. The Spanish Belin explains his neo-cubist art and we meet Boris Tellegen during his exhibition at the MIMA in Brussels. But as the motherland of graffiti is never very far, all the same we escaped to New York to meet gallery owner Jonathan LeVine and the twins How & Nosm. An energy we are not close to be short of, so much so that the beginning of this year promises to be colourful.