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This new issue has been shaped by the current climate and the irresistible desire to leave the earth, hopping on Jeff Bezos’ rocket to enter the starry skies lit up by street art. Our spaceship, finally enjoying its post-lockdown freedom, takes off immediately for hyperspace with the incredible universe of the talented Super A, on the cover of this issue. An enchanted break of trans-generational poetry with a skilled mix of high-tech interwoven with references to the cartoon imagery of our sweet childhood.

This summer issue is very French for once, because of the limitations on international travel… With or without Health pass, QR code or PCR tests…we can already see the waiting lines about to form. So let us start our trip across France, the mild weather of the Canal du Midi, the pink city of Toulouse and the LAYUP show that will take us inside the former Archives of the Court of Audit, to discover artists buzzing with creativity. Time to get good post-covid resolutions, and step up our commitment for the planet and the environment – we’ll meet with the duet Murmure Street, and with Mickael Beerens for whom art has the virtue of awakening consciousness towards sustainable lifestyles… showing that the quest for a better co-living isn’t only up to mid-campaign politicians. True to itself, Stuart can’t help going beyond your expectations, and we’ll take you to the extreme South of the African Continent, Cape Town, where is currently on show “CHANT’”, the mind-provoking exhibition of Faith47, centered around the struggle against all forms of injustice. She will reveal the realizations and the influence brought by the pandemic on her art. Then we will go back to the fiery sun of Occitania, in the South of France, quite close to the creeks of Marseilles, where the friendly old-timer KOOL KOOR is currently doing a residency at the Château de Forbin, preparing his brand-new show at the crossroads of parallel universes.

We will then close this new opus with our usual “Discovery” section, about the talented and colorful SVEN, for whom painting has become his life’s purpose.

Wishing you a wonderful summer, the STUART team invites you to take good care of yourself; the prospect of another lockdown in September, would not be good for anyone…


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