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Given the news these past few months, an issue focused on the United States of America could not be avoided. Will the new president’s inauguration upset the cultural melting pot which gave birth to graffiti over 40 years ago? What better way to understand the implications of such an event than with Shepard Fairy, the activist creator of the famous Barack Obama posters, who shared with us his fears for the country? He granted us an exclusive interview, and the special cover of the limited- edition issue. A must-have! From his Bronx studio, Rime speaks about his psychedelic art in the context of his upcoming Paris exhibition. Florida also features prominently in this issue: towards the end of the year, a myriad of contemporary art fairs kick off in Miami and the artsy district of Wynwood decks itself with gigantic walls of graffiti. The whole conti- nent influenced the emergence of a great many European creations. Such is the case with this issue’s artists–perfectionist and promising Maye, Pro176, who grew up reading comic books, and Astro, with his staggering perspectives. This new issue of STUART proclaims graffiti’s values of sharing and protest loudly… but with a slight American accent.