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In the colors of the Indian summer, continues to meet with eminently singular personalities in this new issue. Incisive, captivating, leading figure at the forefront of the beginnings of urban art in France, our journey begins with the visual artist and iconic Tania Mouraud. From the permanent ink and cascade of words drowned on vertiginous kakemono, to the key phrase waving the sweet dream of Martin Luther King, our rich meeting is unforgettable. Mandatory detour in this world between two poles.

Following, on the baptismal font, international artists. On the one hand, as striking as Theodore Gericault, the biting American Cleon Peterson and his introspective scenery of a rare violence. On the other hand, the defying flow, aiming with the same precision as a SOUTH PARK episode the deviances of the North American society, by the former graffiti artist A.K.A REAS, the insolent Todd James.

Another vision of the balance of power, staged in a spectacular way, that of the young prodigal Iberian Aryz. Movement of bodies almost liturgical, virile ballets on sweet pastel notes, not without a certain realism cut with vitriol. Face to face with the muralist Dourone and his monumental zooms on the plural femininity. True psychoanalytic puzzle of a perception of the “feminine” to which the artist pays tribute to. Women with exacerbated romanticism, it is the pretty discovery of the very sensitive universe of La Rouille, the time of a mystic-spiritual wandering, in balance on the edge of the chiaroscuro. Finally, when it comes to exploring, it is in the company of the sensitive Fleur Brume, and her paintings reminiscent of Japanese prints that we leave you for a hovering road trip in the heart of the boroughs of New York.