Five simple and coloured letters cover the entire surface of a subway train in New York. This masterpiece, made in 1980 by Dondi, was published in the legendary book Subway Art and influenced whole generations of graffiti artists around the world. But the talent of this Brooklyn teenager cannot simply be summed up by this rosy image. The hundreds of letterings he spread on the metro network and the dozens of canvases and drawings he meticulously made in his studio are a major heritage for urban art. Twenty years after his death, Stuart gives you a portrayal of Dondi, one of the greatest artists of his generation. A writing pioneer, his life path remains obscure for most people. For the others, his memory stays intact. It carries on on walls and wagons of the whole world. Because urban art is not limited to its historic actors, we went to Rotterdam to meet the new guard of muralism : Telmo & Miel, then to Sheffield where the French artist Florence Blanchard chose to live. Then we came back to France, with Reso & Mondé from Toulouse, in the midst of preparations for their next exhibition ; as well as Alber and Ardpg from Bordeaux. Finally, in Paris we got hold of the young Vilks, who has the soul of an eternal wayfarer, before the dandiest Parisian tagger André received us in one of his Parisian hotels. An issue on top of the news and just like urban art : rich, varied, conscient of its history and in perpetual motion.


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