STUART N°17 JUIL/AUG 19 – Cover BRUSK – Limited Edition

Summer, at last ! The sun is finally shining, inviting itself into the city and once again illuminating its many murals. Stuart is allowing itself to indulge in the excesses artists currently have on offer and falling prey to its own wanderlust.

The newest works highlighted in this issue seem to be competing with each other to win the prize of the most impressive scale. Starting with Invader who has just passed the bar of 1,400 invasions in Paris. Right after the fire of Notre-Dame, he explains his relationship to this city that inspires him so much. Brusk, meanwhile, prepares his next exhibition,which will open in September. He reveals to us exclusively its centerpiece: a spectacular sculpture.

For its first edition, the triennial of Dunkirk has chosen a title that could not be clearer “Gigantisme”. There, we met Maya Hayuk, a talented artist, who shares with us some insights about her work. In Lille, the 4th opus of BIAM has just offered the city about thirty new giant walls. Not to mention the land art in the heart of the French capital with Saype. He goes head to head against the Eiffel Tower, immersing the Champ-de-Mars with his fraternal poetry. Magnitude and space also for Pro176, which just finished the biggest wall of his career in Montpellier.

The summer period is also favorable to exploring new horizons! Destination New York for the huge exhibition “Beyond the Streets”, the unmissable event of this summer. The adventure continues to Mongolia where the famous photographer Martha Cooper immortalizes the charitable mission for disadvantaged children. Then, a walk in the neighborhoods of Athens to discover the political interventions of the talented local muralists. Back to France for an overview of the “street art tours” that flourish in the hexagon, a real phenomenon. Finally, meeting with Speedy Graphito, in a punk atmosphere against the backdrop of the Biarritz’s waves.

It was with a lot of pleasure that the Stuart team prepared this issue for you, it helps make your summer even more beautiful.