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Giving birth to a new publication is the result of long months of reflection, endless meetings, but also magical interviews, trips and privileged moments. Stuart has one aim: to celebrate our common passion for urban art in all its diversity. Parisian scene, from London to Tokyo, to Lisbon, Zurich or Brussels, the Street art and graffiti phenomenon is world famous! Stuart is also available in an enriched digital version, accessible through online stores. Following closely what’s happening, Stuart wants to be the link between the artists and the passionates. This nearness can be felt through our many interviews : the mysterious Invader, the Mexican artist INTI or the king of chalk stick, Philippe Baudelocque, and many more… Stuart wants to be a prescriber, a talent hunter, in complete independence. We chose young Parisian artist Hopare for the front cover because of his dynamic and poetic lines, with the little uncertainty to them along with his commitment, seduced us. The face of this Londoner girl was recently created in a rough neighbourhood in the suburbs of Lisbon, where we will take you. We wish you to experience!