What strange times we’re living in! The anxiety-provoking media feed us with news each more alarming than the last, and yet the passion endures… Art and all the positive emotions it gives us, attest to this.
As proof, this new colorful issue on current events, still imbued with a slight flavor of nostalgia.
Let’s discover real passion with the visit of the extraordinary private collection WONDERWALLS which over many years of acquisition, reveals splendid finds. Passion and will are needed when, like all graffiti artists in search of spaces or original supports, some are granted permission to invade military barracks, from its warehouses to its assault helicopters … A Stuart exclusive that will take you behind the “Top Secret” scenes.
True to tradition, this issue will take you far, far into the Namibian savannah! With a wonderful meeting of an admirable people whose only concern is to find water … Art land light years away from all trade union demands and demonstrations against the high cost of living …
While many artists dream of being discovered internationally, it is on the contrary after 15 years spent in California, that one of the pioneers of graffiti, MAMBO, returns to us on the eve of his next exhibition in Dortmund with the talented Zest.
His “oldschool” memories will serve as a gateway to address one of the great manufacturing secrets of the ancients with a spotlight on the importance of “black books” at a time when computers and other video projectors did not exist.
It is the friendly Germán Bel / Fasim, who during his conference in Malaga will give us the workings of it.
The autumn period being conducive to the organization of festivals, we will then take you to Briançon for the new edition of the Eternelles Crapules festival and then to Rotterdam for one of the most important events in Europe renamed All Caps.
And it is in a confidential wasteland not far from Paris, that will end this new issue which will conclude this year 2022.