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2021, at last! What a peculiar year we have been through…Between face masks, barrier measures, clusters, vaccines, lockdown, social distancing, curfew…an endless list of obstacles of all kinds and liberticide leadership thwarting all
our habits.
Are culture and art to be considered as “essential”? Here at Stuart, we obviously consider them more important than ever. That is why this new issue puts optimism at the forefront, aiming at a world soon back to normal.
We head to New-York, on this new year starting with a new Presidency, where the charming and talented Elle paints atribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court Justice who paved the way for gender equality and passed away
last September.
A strong symbol also for the “Frenchiest” of all New-Yorkers, our friend JonOne, whose current show at the Museum of Black Civilizations of Dakar resonates with colorful splashes, showing us all that hope is around the corner.
At the occasion of his new book, Stuart finally takes the opportunity to show the admirable work of Phlegm, whose surrealist universe could be reminiscent of his last months spent in lockdown.
Interesting news as well with the presence of Jan Kalab in Paris for a brand new show. And we will close this first issue of 2021 on a poetic note, thanks to the Australian Rone, who celebrates female beauty on his giant murals and in his
ultra-chic urbex.
We at Stuart wish you all much happiness for this new year, and please: take good care of yourselves