Strange times we are living… and it is in this unprecedented period that our new issue of Stuart sees the light of day! With the troubled background of the uncertainty
of a “second wave” hitting the youth as hard as the elderly, we are still going. With or without lockdown, with or without mask, indoor or outside in the streets…What is the right distance to keep? Shall we eat inside or at a terrace?
How long will it take before we can get back to our lives and our lifestyle? So many questions unanswered that will make us appreciate even more the destinations
and portraits of this issue.

Despite the restricted airways, we’ll first land in nearby Sardinia and Stuart will take you to a picturesque village where graffiti has, in its own way, become a strong activist voice.
We then change latitude and head to the West Indies with an immersion in the Caribbean culture thanks to the mischievous François Piquet.

Then we head North, destination New York, to meet one of the rare living legends of Old School Graffiti, Mr. Daze himself, who is preparing his next show in Marseille, in the South of France.

He’ll entrust us in all intimacy withs his vision of the movement and the evolution of graffiti through these last decades.

In exile in Berlin, his counterpart James Bulloughs will open the doors of his
universe and tell us about his journey and the magic of his “sequential art”,
and its sublime representation of womanhood.

We’ll also have plenty of promising talents such as Homek and his Moroccan
inspiration, Piet Rodriguez and his mythological influence. We will also pass
by Montauban where 100Taur revisits the works of Ingres and we will end our
tour in the suburbs of Rouen, with the dazzling Ozis and his colorful characters.

We hope this new issue will allow you a quiet break, away from all the hardships
of our times. Many thanks again for your loyalty and the many signs
of affection the magazine receives regularly… See you again in two months,
with as much joy and passion as ever!


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