After a short break full of stop & go, that had us slalom through the pandemic, a new set of restrictions have hit the country. Remote work, school closures and most non-essential stores have been shut down for at least a month, until the health situation gets better. On the world scale though, a beacon of hope seems to timidly emerge from the gloom, with art finally coming back to the world stage.
Our borders are closed and we have been forbidden to travel, unless for imperative reasons. But that won’t stop STUART Magazine from taking you onboard on our journey. Let’s have New York give the beat with KAWS’ sensational show “WHAT PARTY”, a retrospective shedding light on the artist’s career, from his beginnings all the way to the prestigious Brooklyn Museum.
We’ll also take the opportunity of this trip to the City to visit the talented stencil artist DAIN in his studio full of pop glam collages. He’ll invite us to drop by the nearby show of the young Iberian prodigy DULK, “Ephemeral Treasures”, with a universe full of supernatural creature. This highlight will see us transported to the Museum Center del Carme of Valencia in Spain, for his brand new exhibition on the theme of endangered species.

Our freedom of movement has been restrained for so long, let’s enjoy a trip to Latin America and the beautiful Andean culture, with the transcendental humanity of the Peruvian artist Jade Rivera. The power of his work, amplified by such simplicity, can not let viewers indifferent and is sure to bring our sensitivity to a boil.

We’ll have news also from the photorealistic artist Case Maclaim, known for his unsurpassed perfection in details. And also in this issue: the monochromatic curves of KEF! on a luxury car, our national Hopare right next to Le Louvre palace, the portraits of Mahn Kloix as a means to reignite social interactions, the “punishments” of the Brazilian Rafael Sliks and also the portraits of life of the Australian Heesco. We will then close this issue with the enchanting work of the surprising Chloé Kelly Miller and her destructured and colorful cubism.
Wishing you a wonderful immersion in this issue, take good care of yourselves, with or without the vaccine… We’ll never say it enough!