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Under geopolitical pressure setting in motion the great nations of  this world, at a time when the fundamental challenges related to the  environmental future  seem more and more worrying, this new issue, resolutely ecological, hoists the sails towards the preservation of the planet, with the position of street artists ready to come out claws and fangs against global warming!
This was the case last month in Paris through the event “One Root, One Artist”, with the impressive line-up, which we relay to you, bringing together more than forty artists  determined to affix their signatures to the heart of the teak roots of our dear mother earth.
A sequel to this prestigious event is  currently taking place in Bordeaux, with a brand new cast.
The Yann Arthus-Bertrand Foundation also offers a second edition of the Gravity Festival and its plethora of artists 100% in tune with nature, with a big comeback under the bucolic skies of the Bois de Boulogne to alert on the climate cause!

Located a little further north in Roubaix, the exhibition “Urbain.es” composed of 27 internationally renowned artists, takes up the cause of women and  their heterogeneous  visions of art.

Transparency, beauty, and with the gaze turned to the spiritual, we jump from one continent to another, to join the sophisticated complexity of the prodigy Vance, who from the walls to his workshop in Shanghai responds to the absolute necessity of taming transparency.

Then, one celestial body calling another, we get back on the ground of the human condition, this time to follow the metaphors and the hyper-detailed physiological movements of the perception of the living by the talented Italian Mauro Maugliani.

Always caught in a firmament made of fullness and dreams, emerges under our shoes the imagery in Candy sugar hues dotted with the mischievous identity of the Original…

Then Graffiti will never die… Trains with immaculate canvases, welcome to the spectral universe of the twisted arabesques of Soklak, where the street school takes standards to the highest level…

And preparing for summer, we will finish this hot issue with the Guadeloupean Steek, world-champion in bodypainting and his models so wonderfully customized.

As usual, Stuart wishes you unusual visual experiences, as well as a pleasant read wherever you are!