Who better than Futura summarizes graffiti as an artistic movement ? A pioneer, the New Yorker earned his spurs on metros prior to distancing himself from the letter to go towards abstraction. An aesthetic approach as well as an artistic will that led him to become one of the first graffiti artists that had the chance to exhibit their work in artistic intstitutions. For the year to get off to a flying start, we went to meet him in order to come back to his past experiences and discover the man behind the legend.Next stop : Miami! Located in south Florida, some of the best street artists of the world gather there for the Miami Art Basel every year. Our local correspondents roamed around the city’s streets to bring you back some shots of the last productions of the Wynwood Walls festival. From Miami to Barcelona is a short step. At the heart of the Catalan capital, where people seize their destiny shakening up the European policy, Inti opened for us the doors of his studio and unveiled his last works. Just a few streets away, Enric Sant and Grito, that have long worked together on the Spanish walls, revealed their recent productions in words and images. Back in France, in Montpellier, Momies is preparing his new exhibition, just like Vincent Abadie Hafez in Toulouse. Finally, in Paris, we met the Polish artist Seikon who is presenting for the first time his works in France, and then we met Rétro, who works in the streets of the capital for over 20 years. This new issue takes you around the urban art world to start off well this new year which is shaping up to be rich and thrilling at your side.