If the original graffiti keeps on spreading in most of the big cities in the world, many of those who transform their street practice into studio work eventually enjoy a well-deserved recognition. Just like this, all the artists in this issue come from graffiti. They’ve exeperienced its early stages, from JoeyStarr who tells us about his graffiti years as a teenager, to Mode 2 who pays a tribute to the hip hop movement and its philosophy in each of his paintings, or Lokiss, free spirit of graffiti for about thirty years and who keeps on showing his futuristic visions through impressive metal sculptures. And the next generation are not outdone. As shown by the talented MadC, the technician Case Maclaim, the inventive Joram Roukes or the explosive Mr Cenz. They all learnt how to write and draw their names in the street. They all turned this school into a personal universe, a universal language riched and constantly renewed.