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If there is but one field for which the results of this five-year term are flattering, it’s urban art. The years 2012-2017 were marked by a series of events which all show a will to promote and follow the phenemenon. In 2014, there first was the MNACEP (National Mission for Art and Culture in the Public Space) organised by the Ministry of Culture which allowed for the first time to make the connection between different kinds of street arts. There was Oxymores, in particular. Presented from April 2015 to October 2016 as a collective show, a series of state commissioned works and an international symposium, the event clearly marked the involvement of the ministry in favour of creation in the public space. As a consequence, in this electoral time, we find ourselves dreaming of continuity rather than break. Members of the new government still have many projects ahead of them. Among them, an increasing financial support to projects like Art Azoï, the MAUSA or Street art city, highlighted in this issue… This commitment would benefit to all urban art contributors. Starting with the artists and the galleries that support them! Long Live the republique, long live urban art and long live France!