With audacity, but always at the service of the most extraordinary and diverse artistic expression there is, going beyond the symbolic milestone, that of the year 2019, in bubble letters in a sparkling black to pay tribute to Phase 2, Stuart signs with its new edition a very special issue written in graffiti ink.

With some crispy revelations in the background, linking a whole parallel

economy, which has become, by default, dependent on an inextricable well-oiled machine, our team conducted the exclusive- immersive investigation in the heart of the secretive world opposing the graffiti artists’ playground to that of the SNCF.

From the main lines of the national railroad network to those of the metro of our dear capital, with RATP, there is only one small step, and the photographer/director Jérôme Thomas takes us there for a preview of his film dedicated to the metro line 6, to be released at the end of 2019. From a viaduct to a bridge – Stuart has dreamed of it for a very long time – the talented brothers of the original essence of hip-hop culture, the Brazilians OS GEMEOS. From their first vandal actions to the “In Between” exhibition at the Frist Art Museum in Nashville, we bring you into the belly of the beast in a unique universe. It is Chile that will deliver us, in an extrasensory overview of the murals of Santiago and Valparaiso, the extension of its impressive artistic breeding ground with its rooted and volcanically poetic identity. Pleasant meeting with the American artist Momo during the preparations for his new show in France, where his analeptic nuances, brushed on XXL facades like aurora borealis overflowing with light, plunge us into an impressive tranquility.

An issue 20 of Stuart, published in January 2020, so we could not avoid TOP 20 of the most significant artists in the world of urban art. Our favorites with Nadib Bandi, and the equally talented Swede, will thus close this first issue of the year, which we wish you, according to the established formula, excellent.