As this year comes to its end, the world’s eyes are on the US, the Street art birthplace, and its new president. Artists from all over the world are reacting to the news. This second issue of Stuart opens on a selection of pieces, as a nod to the breaking news and an irrepressible need to express oneself in the world of urban art. From talented ROA with his unique animals, to irreverent Zevs and his appropriation of institutional logos, but also the commited pieces of Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Stuart takes you in the workshop of famous stencil artist C215, in all intimacy. In need of a break, in these tormented times? Follow-us on the other side of the world, on the island of Tahiti, to enjoy the heat at the Ono’U Festival, or loose yourself in the graffiti and Street art decorated streets of the city of Houston.” Places, meetings, events, all artistic and talented, in this new issue. One thing is for sure, art is boundless, a source of hapiness, and an open minding and sharing factor. Allows for originality, discovery, fantasy, exuberance and boldness.


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