Spring is coming fast and a breath of fresh air is blowing on the artistic world. Time is for change, questioning and especially renewal. Art is a toy that must be broken once in a while to reinvent itself.

Swoon kicks off with wisdom, in an intimate interview she announces a change of direction in her art, abandoning a practice to adopt a new one. As for Niels Meulman, better known as Shoe, he steps away from the calligraffiti, discipline which he initiated, to plunge entirely into the thickness of the paint. The Californian Hueman explains how she reinvented herself, renouncing to retouch pictures of playmates to devote herself to paint gigantic murals. On the institutional side, a visit to the last exhibition of the MIMA in Brussels allows us to take a step aside and take the time to apprehend urban cultures in a new light. Transition is also happening in the Caribbean, in Havana, so long kept away from the globalized culture, where we are witnessing a gentle cultural change despite the embargo of the United States. Another practice, Tobias Kroeger and Nawer dialogue on their respective approach to painting, nourished more by the architectures that surround them than by the graffiti that introduced them to art.

However, some things remain the same … and that’s great! Jace keeps all his humor and continues to travel around the world with his Gouzou, for the greatest pleasure of all. On the surface more and more king size walls emerge. Although it is gaining popularity, the urbex is still a mysterious practice reserved for a few insiders. Let’s go underground with Jonk, in perfect secrecy.

This new issue invites you to discover the tremendous changes that art has been going through, a sign that it is undeniably in perpetual effervescence!